CursiveLogic Workbook - Cursive Level 1

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CursiveLogic Workbook - Cursive Level 1


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The CursiveLogic Student Workbook is a 10-week program designed for easy implementation in the home and classroom. 

Using a patent-pending, shape-based approach, CursiveLogic teaches the entire lowercase alphabet in four weeks.  Each week, students learn one string of six to eight connected letters that share a common shape.  After learning the four lowercase strings, students spend the next six weeks learning capital letters and reinforcing the skills they learned during the first four weeks.  At the end of ten weeks, students have excellent penmanship and a firm command of cursive.

This 112-page workbook also includes three dry-erase surfaces that allow students to practice the basic exercises and letter strings again and again.

CursiveLogic's shape-based approach to teaching cursive engages every learning style by seamlessly combining visual, auditory, verbal, and kinesthetic elements.  CursiveLogic makes it possible for every student to succeed and enjoy the process.

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