Cursive letters make sense with CursiveLogic

CursiveLogic is different from other handwriting methods.  Instead of relying on rote memorization, CursiveLogic teaches the essential structure of the cursive alphabet.  The CursiveLogic instruction method has two key features:

Cursive Letters grouped by shape

Four basic shapes make up the entire lowercase alphabet. Teaching similarly shaped letters together in one lesson streamlines and shortens the learning process.

Cursive Letter strings 

Rather than teaching letters one at a time, CursiveLogic teaches all the letters that share a common shape as a connected string. Writing similar letters as a connected string allows proper formation of each letter to reinforce proper formation of every other letter in the string. Learning the letters in strings also means that students are writing cursively from the very beginning. Students never write disconnected letters in CursiveLogic.

Features that Engage

CursiveLogic engages every learning style by seamlessly combining visual, auditory, verbal, and kinesthetic elements. CursiveLogic makes it possible for every student to succeed and enjoy the process.

COLOR — Each CursiveLogic shape category has a theme color that aids learning and reinforces memory. Bright orange, lime green, silver, and mauve capture students’ attention. Using colored pencils and pens can add even more to the learning and the fun.

CATCH PHRASE — Each shape category has a “catch phrase,” which is a verbal cue that students repeat while forming the letter strings. Verbal task analysis, or speaking out an action while performing it manually, solidifies muscle memory. It also provides a mnemonic to associate with each letter. Students repeat the catch phrases any time they need help forming a letter.

MOVEMENT — CursiveLogic uses the core principle of muscle memory. Finger tracing exercises and gross motor activities help students internalize correct formation of the four basic CursiveLogic shapes and letter strings.

LOGIC — CursiveLogic shows students the big picture in a way they understand easily. When the system “clicks,” cursive letters no longer seem random. Students “get it” and feel empowered.

REAL WORDS — Because CursiveLogic teaches six connected letters in the first lesson, students can write real words in cursive at the end of just one week. Immediate payoff is exciting and motivating! Cursive no longer feels like a daunting or frustrating task. Instead, cursive engenders confidence and feelings of success!

Students who didn’t enjoy cursive before began to love showing off their new skill! Many students were surprised at how many of the letters were formed beginning with similar movements. That gave them the confidence to keep going!
— 4th Grade Teacher, Tulsa, OK
Student writing cursive letters
I like the chanting that goes along with each stroke. …This is a great tool to use for my fourth graders! They were all chanting the strokes at the same time as they were writing the letters. What a great method!”
— 4th Grade Teacher, Dallas, TX