CursiveLogic Update - The First of May

by Linda Shrewsbury

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The past two weeks have been a whirlwind!  We have so many things to share---please excuse this lengthy post.

Atlanta Pen Show

April 17-19 we attended the Atlanta Pen Show, and it was quite an education!  We have to admit that we knew little about fountain pens before launching this Kickstarter campaign.  But pen lovers were some of our strongest supporters, and you all kicked in the funds to get us to our very first trade show.  We were delighted to meet so many folks who had backed the campaign or blogged about us.  And we were delighted to begin learning the ways of fountain pens.


Here is Prisca with Brad Dowdy and Mike Hurley of The Pen Addict.  These guys were instrumental in the success of our campaign.  When they gave us a shout out on their beloved podcast, our campaign exploded.


At the pen show, we had the opportunity to sit down with Laura and John Chandler of Pen World.  The Chandlers were enthusiastic about CursiveLogic, and our interview with them was such an encouragement to us.  Keeo a look out for Pen World's profile of CursiveLogic this summer!


Then it was back to Texas to start packing and shipping books.  We worked round the clock---mostly when our collective 5 children (the oldest of whom turned 4 during the ship out) were sleeping.  Everyone except maybe the international folks should have received their books by now!!


 I can pay for that right now!

Then it was off to Oklahoma for our first curriculum convention, where we met this delightful young lady.  K walked up to the table all by herself and asked for a demonstration.  A few minutes later, K came back with her mom.  After we told them the price, K exclaimed, "I can pay for that right now!"  And she did!  She and her mom went half-sies. 

"I can pay for that right now!

Fahrney's Pens and the National Archives

Our friends at Fahrney's Pens are amazing!!.  Fahrney's was not only our largest backer, their pledge actually put us over the top.  Now, folks at Fahrney's  have arranged for CursiveLogic to present at the National Archives in Washington DC!  We'll be in touch with details as they unfold.

We are hard at work getting this unique workbook to market.  Many  exciting opportunities are on the horizon.  For those of you who purchased the online class, stay tuned! We'll be in touch shortly with all the details!